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Microsoja, 1kg, 5kg or 25kg

Microsoja, 1kg, 5kg or 25kg
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Microsoja is a micronized non-GMO concentrated soy protein with 65% protein and a balanced aminogram.   Unlike conventional soy, Microsoja does not have any anti-nutritional factors.     

Micronized: optimal particle size for ingestion of honey bees (<180μ)  contains 65% protein with a balanced aminogram (10 essential amino acids for the bees)   No antinutritional factors present in conventional soybeans.   

Microsoja 200 is produced through an aqueousalcoholic extraction from defatted soybeans. This process eliminates antinutrional factors and allergens present in conventional soybean meal.  

Make into patties.   

For more information click here.

for a video showing how to mix patties see below.