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Feedbee, 500g

Feedbee, 500g
Feedbee, 500g Feedbee, 500g
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We are now stocking the highly regarded and popular Feedbee.

  • Feedbee is made from 100% non-agricultural plant materials, free from any pesticides or modifications. 
  • Feedbee was developed at the university of Guelph in Canada in the 2004 after 12 years of research on bees nutrition.
  • Feedbee has been exported to over 60 countries around the world ever since.
  • Feedbee provides all nutrients required by honeybees during all stages of life. The nutrients in Feedbee have the same structure as their natural pollen. 
  • Feedbee will increase the population of healthy bees that also have high resistance against common diseases & mites. 
  • Feedbee does not contain, Pollen, soy products, animal products, chemical, preservatives or artificial nutrients.

The table below shows the quantities of Feedbee to mix depending on the type of patty/food required.

Type of Food Required Mix Together 500g 1.5kg 3kg 20kg
Slushy Patty 1:1 Syrup 420ml 1260ml 2520ml 16.8l
  Warm Water 280ml 840ml 1680ml 11.2l
  Feedbee 500g 1.5kg 3kg 20kg
Soft Patty 1:1 Syrup 300ml 900ml 1800ml 12l
  Warm Water 100ml 300ml 600ml 4l
  Feedbee 500g 1.5kg 3kg 20kg
Liquid Feed 1:1 Syrup 1000ml 3000ml 6000ml 40l
  Warm Water 500ml 1500ml 3000ml 20l
  Feedbee 500g 1.5kg 3kg 20kg

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