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Horsley Board - National/Commercial

Horsley Board - National/Commercial
Horsley Board - National/Commercial Horsley Board - National/Commercial
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A very effective swarm control board.  Invented by Yorkshire-man, Arthur Horsley.

Substantially made from 12mm ply and cedar with two stainless steel expanded mesh panels and  stainless steel adjustable entrance. Queen excluder is also steel.


Have available a spare brood body with frames and foundation, or drawn comb. Carry out weekly inspections looking for signs of swarming, mark queen if seen as this will help later.

Day 1: when queen cells have appeared: strip the colony down to the floor, placing the new brood body in place of the mother colony.  Remove the middle two combs. Find the queen and place her on a comb containing some unsealed brood, ensure there are no queen cells on this frame. Place this frame in the middle of the new brood body.

Check the mother colony brood body and either select one large queen cell, to raise a new colony. Or leave several cells if you wish to make up several nuclei.

Rebuild the colony: floor, new box with old queen and flying bees, queen excluder, supers, Horsley Board (with the entrance shut, and facing opposite way to the main entrance, crownboard, roof.

Day 3 or 4: Pull open the entrance to the Horsley Board, this stops the free passage of bees between the boxes, and allows the flying bees to return to the parent colony.

At this stage you have artificially swarmed the colony: If only one queen cell was left you can leave the top box for a few weeks until the new queen is laying, before moving the colony away. If you left multiple cells in the top box, these will need to be split into nuclei during the week after capping.