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Swarm Lure, pair

Swarm Lure, pair
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Each pack contains two phials of lure.

Swarming is one of the beekeeper's major challenges. There isn't always enough time to carry out the necessary prevention and control measures.

Swarm Lure can capture many swarms from your own hives thus reducing loss of bees and honey.

Stray swarms from other hives in the area, if captured, will add to your hive count and honey yield and may well prevent calls to 'come get a swarm of bees'.


Nasonov pheromone is released by workers to orient returning forager bees back to the colony. To broadcast this scent, bees raise their abdomen which contain the Nasonov glands and fan their wings vigorously.  This is called 'scent fanning'.  Bees may do this at the hive entrance. Also, when an airborne swarm begins to cluster, early arriving bees will scent fan to attract others.

Synthetically produced Nasonov will attract swarms to unoccupied hive equipment or a swarm catching box. Research shows that, on average, swarms from the area will occupy 50-80% of catch boxes containing Nasonov (provided there is a reasonable amount of swarming in the area).


Should be kept in the freezer.