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All-in-One Bee Suit, Adult

All-in-One Bee Suit, Adult
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Confidence boosting apiary wear, offering full head to ankle protection without restricting vision or movement. Polyester cotton. Elasticated wrists and ankles. Hat and veil is attached to the jacket with heavy duty zip and is completely removable. Velcro seal where zips meet.

Available with optional knee pads and open mesh helmet (instead of hat)

Actual Measurements

  Inside Leg Cuff to Cuff Crutch to Collar Back Neck to Ankle Waist Relaxed before Stretched
36" 32"/81cm 59"/150cm 35.5"/90cm 62"/152cm 35"/89cm
40" 32"/81cm 69"/175cm 35.5"/90cm 64"/162cm 41"/104cm
44" 32"/81cm 69"/175cm 36"/91cm 64"/162cm 42"/107cm
48" 32"/81cm 69"/175cm 36"/91cm 64"/162cm 46-48"-117-122cm
52" 32"/81cm 75"/190cm 40"/101cm 67"/170cm 50"/127cm

The video below shows how to attach and dettach the hat from the suit