Wiring, fixing and assembly

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Roof Metal Punch
Very useful tool, made from hardened steel, to punch holes in roof metals. 10cm long, tap..
Price: £7.50
Ex VAT: £6.25
Frame Wire Standard 250g
Standard 250g reels of 0.4mm rust proofed wire. ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £4.17
Frame Wire Stainless Steel approx 200g
Stainless steel 0.44mm guage very smooth hard wire, reels of approx 200g. ..
Price: £8.50
Ex VAT: £7.08
Spur Embedder US
Embedder with 100mm shaped wooden handle and 50mm diameter spur wheel. Overall length 165..
Price: £9.50
Ex VAT: £7.92
Spur Embedder Euro
Heat with a small flame. Run along wire. The wax is melted and covers the wire. Wire needs to be ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £4.17
Eyelets 28g or 200g
Small brass eyelets that can be inserted into side bar to prevent wire from cutting into timber. ..
Price: £3.00
Ex VAT: £2.50
Eyelet Punch
Robust tool for punching holes in side bars and inserting eyelets. Hardwood and steel constru..
Price: £22.50
Ex VAT: £18.75
Wire Crimper
A tensioning and crimping device which makes wiring easier. No straining of the wire or sore hand..
Price: £10.00
Ex VAT: £8.33
10v Transformer
This 10V transformer is perfect for embedding frame wire into foundation when wiring your own fra..
Price: £40.00
Ex VAT: £33.33