D.N.5 FOUNDATIONLESS (Brood) Frames - 10, assembled

D.N.5 FOUNDATIONLESS (Brood) Frames - 10, assembled
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Size (L x W x H): 431.00mm x 216.00mm x 35.00mm
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By popular demand we are now manufacturing these frames. Basically a DN5 frame with a one piece bottom bar and solid top bar with a V profle cut on the underside.   The bees attach comb to the the V projection and fill the void in the frame with natural comb. There is no necessity to run wx on the V as it will not have as much purchase as the bees own wax production.

Ready Assembled.

D.N.5 frames are used in a standard depth National or WBC brood body. D.N.5 frames have hoffman spacing side bars

  • Top bar- 17"  x 1 1/16" (431mm x 27mm)
  • Side bar- 81/2"  x 1 3/8"  tapering to 7/8" at bottom (216mm x 35mm)
  • Bottom bar- 14"  (356mm)

The video below shows how to assemble a traditional DN5 frame. The foundationless frames are assembled in the same way.