Important Information from FERA or Others

June 2017 - Beekeepers may wish to monitor their colony food levels closely, particularly in any splits, nucleus colonies or colonies where the entire spring honey crop was removed. In some areas of the UK, our Inspectors are concerned at finding colonies that are starving.

Feed can be prepared from refined white sugar and water mixed at a 2:1 ratio or one of the proprietary ready mixed syrups available from Beekeeping equipment suppliers. More information about mixing up sugar can be found in the Best Practice Guidelines no. 7 found on BeeBase:

However, in other areas of the UK the blackberry, lime and clover is now out and colonies are starting to bring in an excess crop, so it is also important not to feed unnecessarily and risk adulterating honey with sugar syrup.

If you have any questions then please email either your Inspector or the NBU office.

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