Important Information from FERA or Others

July 2018

The National Bee Unit (NBU) has added a new BeeBase feature to help understand UK Asian hornet surveillance.

In April 2018 a single Asian hornet queen was photographed by a member of the public in Bury, Lancashire, on a cauliflower which was traced back to a farm in Boston, Lincolnshire. The NBU has continued to monitor for the hornet’s presence in both counties but to date, has found no Vespa velutina at either of these sites.

Many Beekeepers are monitoring for Asian hornets and BeeBase apiary records have been improved so beekeepers can record when traps are located in their apiaries. Please update your records to help us understand where traps have been placed across the UK in the ‘my apiary’ tab. Guidance on how to use the new recording feature, as well as additional information about how to log into your BeeBase account can be found in our Beekeeper Pages FAQ.

The NBU will continue to update you on Asian Hornet surveillance throughout the year.

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