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Bain Marie, 2.5kg
Inexpensive, water jacketed, stainless steel pots that are brilliant for melting down small quant..
Price: £20.00
Ex VAT: £16.67
Heat Applicator
Heat applicator to use when applying transfers or dried grasses etc to candles. Comes with fu..
Price: £21.00
Ex VAT: £17.50
Wick Gripper
This super little gadget, besides being used in the motor trade for picking up dropped nuts/bolts..
Price: £8.60
Ex VAT: £7.17
Wick Holder
Use these small wooden clips for holding the wick firmly in place when producing moulded candles...
Price: £0.50
Ex VAT: £0.42
Night Lite Holder Glass
Clear strong glass night light holder.   40mm diameter x 17mm high.  Use with ..
Price: £0.46
Ex VAT: £0.38
Night Light (tea light) Holder Metal - Round
Lightweight aluminium night light holder.  37mm diameter x 17mm high.  Use with wick su..
Price: £0.10
Ex VAT: £0.08
Wick Sustainers, 25 or 100
Use these simple discs with small tube for the wick to keep the wick in place at the bottom of a ..
Price: £0.30
Ex VAT: £0.25
Beeswax Alchemy
Petra Ahnert USA 136 pages Paperback Beeswax is truly the miracle of the beehive. Although ho..
Price: £16.00
Ex VAT: £16.00
Candlemaking - the natural way
Rebecca Ittner USA 128 pages Paperback Candles were born out of necessity, centuries before e..
Price: £12.99
Ex VAT: £12.99
Candlemaking - 10 Delightful Projects to Make
Guild of Master Craftsman 48 pages Paperback Long ago, candles were a necessity of life, prov..
Price: £5.99
Ex VAT: £5.99
Making Beeswax Flowers
Elizabeth Duffin 47 pages Paperback Liz Duffin gives you a step by step guide on how to make ..
Price: £8.95
Ex VAT: £8.95
Making Candles - Create 20 decorative candles to keep or to give
Sarah Ditchfield 80 pages Paperback If you have ever considered making your own candles but h..
Price: £8.99
Ex VAT: £8.99
Wax Glue
Very sticky and soft paraffin wax in 50g blocks.   For fixing candles into packaging an..
Price: £4.50
Ex VAT: £3.75
Prevent bloom and keep your candles fresh by using this clear lacquer.  For a matt finish us..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £12.50
L17 Labels Beeswax Candle - 100
Discrete round gold label. Can also be printed with your own text. The diameter is 31mm. ..
Price: £2.40
Ex VAT: £2.00