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Waspinator, double pack

Waspinator, double pack
Waspinator, double pack Waspinator, double pack Waspinator, double pack
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Waspinator creates a large wasp free zone without killing wasps and without disturbing the insect world in your garden.

Waspinator is a natural wasp repellent utilising wasps’ territorial nature to repel them from the areas of your garden which you want to use. If you want to stop being bothered by wasps and get rid of wasps from these areas of the home and garden, just hang up a Waspinator and foraging wasps will think there is already a wasps nest in residence. Then they will keep well away from what they think is a real wasps nest for fear of being attacked by the nest’s defenders. Waspinator is an utterly effective natural wasp deterrent which will eradicate wasps from the garden areas used by humans but which leaves them free to do their work of pollinating flowers and killing aphids elsewhere.

Tests show the waspinator works within a 10m radius of where it is hung.  Simply hang more waspinators to cover the whole area affected by wasps.  The waspinatir is a visual deterrent, the wasps must be able to see it hanging.

Start hanging the waspinators in early spring to deter all year round.

The pack contains two waspinators.