An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping

An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping
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An Introduction to Bees and Beekeeping

Scottish Beekeepers Association   UK    57 pages   Softback

Contents include:

  • How to begin keeping bees
  • Bee biology
  • Management of bees
  • Diseases of the honeybee
  • Honey
  • Heather Honey Production
  • Beeswax
  • The Honey Show
  • SBA Examinations
  • SBa Insurance
  • The Moir Library
  • Beekeeping books for further reading


Beekeeping has a long history in Scotland. The Scottish Beekeepers’ Association offers this book as a contemporary guide for beginners in an ancient craft.  There is no pretention to completeness. The aim is to give some basic information and guidelines for the novice beekeeper under modern Scottish conditions.

This publication was extensively revised in 2005.  The original publication was a collaboration between well respected Scottish beekeepers bringing together the contents of several guidance leaflets and ‘The Scottish Beekeepers’ Handbook’ of the 1950s.