The Honey Bee, around and about, 2nd Edition

The Honey Bee, around and about, 2nd Edition
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Celia F Davis UK 185 pages Softback, 2nd Edition

This book is a companion volume to Celia’s first book ‘The Honeybee Inside Out’ which covered the anatomy and physiology of the honeybee. The Honeybee Around and About begins by looking at the origin of honeybees and continues with a description of the different subspecies. Sections included are: Honeybee beginnings; variations; health and hazards; when the kids are ill; problems with the grown ups; mighty mites; the enemy within and without; flower show; the food of the gods; other bee essentials; on best behaviour; more than thick and sticky.

Celia’s interest in insects began when she was a child and continued through University, where she obtained a degree in Agriculture. Much later came the desire to study and photograph the insect world in greater detail and she acquired her first hive of bees.