In search of the best strains of bees

In search of the best strains of bees
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Brother Adam UK 206 pages Softback, first published in 1966

It is realised that with bees as with other forms of life the differences between the bees of different origin were very marked, and that it was by breeding that results of great economic value could be produced.

This book is an account of a unique experience – the travels of one of our most famous beekeepers to investigate the different races of European and Mediterranean honeybee. Brother Adam undertook his journeys with a view to incorporating the desirable characteristics of the bees he met into his strain, with such success that his Buckfast strain of bee is renowned for its longevity, mildness of temper and honey gathering potential.

Brother Adam began working with the bees at the age of twelve. He worked with bees for over seventy eight years and became an international authority in the field.