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Honey Farming

Honey Farming
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R.O.B. Manley    UK    293 pages   Softback

‘Honey Farming is a grand job for those who love bees and are interested in producing something from the land; who are hard workers and able to enjoy country life in all weathers’.

Honey Farming is not written for the novice, and the author has assumed some considerable experience on the part of the reader. Chapters include:

  • Climate, Pasturage and Apiaries
  • Apiary Equipment
  • Breeding Bees
  • The Passing Seasons
  • Swarm Control and Summer Work
  • The Introduction of Queen Bees
  • Moving Bees
  • Heather
  • Harvest
  • Diseases and Pests
  • For Beginners

R.O.B. Manley was a Honey Farmer for twenty years, and before that kept bees as a serious hobby. During his beekeeping days he developed the Manley side bar and bottom bars, still used by many, many commercial and hobbyist beekeepers today. This book was first published sometime before 1946, but this edition was republished in 1985.