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Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees

Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees
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Ken Pickles – The Wharfdale Beekeeper UK 104 pages Softback

To sit by a hive of honeybees on a warm evening in early summer is a magical experience. There are some things in life that we never tire of. Having watched the colony progress from the dark, damp days of winter our hopes are raised that the queen is alive and well.

This book is suitable for all – novices, experienced beekeepers, those who may be considering keeping bees or those who do not keep bees at all. It is not a scientific text book but it contains knowledge from a life time of keeping bees.

Ken Pickles is the third generation beekeeper in his family, and his daughter is becoming the fourth. He has been involved with bees since early childhood and has kept them on both a small and large scale all his life.