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Beeswax Crafting

Beeswax Crafting
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Robert Berthold Jr   USA     128 pages   Softback

Beeswax is a truly unique and remarkable substance. In nature, beeswax serves as the foundation of the beehive, providing efficient storage of honey and pollen, and a compact rearing area for immature bees. While some social wasps use chewed wood to form similar structures, the various species of honeybees are the only insects which have utilised wax to build the hexagon pattern so efficiently.

Here is a book for both the beekeeper and the craftsperson. Learn how to process and use beeswax for your personal use, or for sale.

Robert Berthold Jr. is a professor of Biology at Delaware Valley College, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where he teaches biology and beekeeping. He is a popular lecturer on bees and beekeeping, and a leader in the field of craft use of beeswax.