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The Rose Hive Method
Tim Rowe Ireland 128 pages Softback Ordinary beekeepers everywhere are contributing to the hu..
Price: £17.50
Ex VAT: £17.50
Social Organisation of Honeybees - 2017 Reprint
John Free    UK   68 pages   Softback, first published in 1977..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Some Alternative Pathways for the Hesitant Queen Rearer
Ben Harden   UK   26 pages   Softback There are quite a few fin..
Price: £8.95
Ex VAT: £8.95
Starting Out - Allan
Matthew Allen UK 8 pages Softback Techniques in beekeeping that are second-nature to an old h..
Price: £1.50
Ex VAT: £1.50
Swarming, Its Control & Prevention
L.E. Snelgrove    UK   110 pages   Softback, 18th Edition, Sep..
Price: £10.50
Ex VAT: £10.50
The Bee Hive - 2021 winter sale
Simon Adepetun    UK   179 pages   Softback, Eleven-year-..
Price: £6.99
Ex VAT: £6.99
Understanding Bee Anatomy: a full colour guide - Ian Stell
Ian Stell    UK      200 pages     so..
Price: £29.00
Ex VAT: £29.00
The Wild Garden and the Honeybee
Michael Duncan UK 70 pages Softback We live in an ailing, troubled, treadmill of a world. But..
Price: £9.95
Ex VAT: £9.95
The World of a Bee Farmer
John H.B. Rawson        UK    204 pages   ..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £15.00
Why not Top Bar Hives?
J R Slade    UK    40 pages   Softback  Keeping ..
Price: £11.00
Ex VAT: £11.00
Honey Bee Disease Identification Cards
A really handy disease identification tool. A set of 11 double sided reference cards showing ..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Guide to Bees of Britain
A handy, four double sided laminated chart showing the different species of bee within Great Brit..
Price: £3.30
Ex VAT: £3.30