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Practical Microscopy for Beekeepers
Bob Maurer   UK   95 pages   softback This book contains the ba..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £15.00
Propolis ( Nowottnick)
Propolis - Healing Power of the Bee Colony Klaus Nowottnick UK 68 pages Softback Con..
Price: £9.95
Ex VAT: £9.95
Queen Bee, Biology, Breeding and Rearing - Woodward
David Woodward NZ 137 pages Paperback The queen bee has a demanding and vital role in the hiv..
Price: £24.95
Ex VAT: £24.95
Queen Breeding and Genetics - How to get better bees
Eigil Holm Denmark 93 pages Softback Breeders and producers of queens need a handbook which d..
Price: £18.00
Ex VAT: £18.00
Queen Rearing - Snelgrove
L.E. Snelgrove UK 344 pages, 3rd Edition (1966), Softback The value of bees in relation to a ..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £15.00
Queen Rearing Simplified (Cook)
Vince Cook    UK    63 pages   Softback The rearing o..
Price: £9.95
Ex VAT: £9.95
Recycling & Working Beeswax with Simplicity
Jack Berry    UK    8 pages   Softback This simple bo..
Price: £2.50
Ex VAT: £2.50
Reflections on Beekeeping (Robson)
W S Robson UK 60 pages Softback The Robson family have been engaged in commercial beekeeping ..
Price: £9.95
Ex VAT: £9.95
The Rose Hive Method
Tim Rowe Ireland 128 pages Softback Ordinary beekeepers everywhere are contributing to the hu..
Price: £17.50
Ex VAT: £17.50
Social Organisation of Honeybees - 2017 Reprint
John Free    UK   68 pages   Softback, first published in 1977..
Price: £5.00
Ex VAT: £5.00
Some Alternative Pathways for the Hesitant Queen Rearer
Ben Harden   UK   26 pages   Softback There are quite a few fin..
Price: £8.95
Ex VAT: £8.95
Starting Out - Allan
Matthew Allen UK 8 pages Softback Techniques in beekeeping that are second-nature to an old h..
Price: £1.50
Ex VAT: £1.50
Swarming, Its Control & Prevention
L.E. Snelgrove    UK   110 pages   Softback, 18th Edition, Sep..
Price: £10.50
Ex VAT: £10.50
The Bee Hive
Simon Adepetun    UK   179 pages   Softback, Eleven-year-..
Price: £6.99
Ex VAT: £6.99
Understanding Bee Anatomy: a full colour guide - Ian Stell
Ian Stell    UK      200 pages     so..
Price: £29.00
Ex VAT: £29.00