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Breeding the Honeybee
Brother Adam UK 118 pages Softback, first published in 1987 A great deal has been written on ..
Price: £11.00
Ex VAT: £11.00
Buckets of Honey from Boxes of Bees
Ken Pickles – The Wharfdale Beekeeper UK 104 pages Softback To sit by a hive of honeybees on ..
Price: £11.95
Ex VAT: £11.95
Buzzing with Ideas - The WBC Beehive, Choosing the right home for your honeybees
Buzzing with Ideas - The WBC beehive, Choosing the right home for your honeybees Don Honey&nb..
Price: £19.00
Ex VAT: £19.00
Collecting Honey Pots - 2021 WINTER SALE
John Doyle UK 28 pages Softback Honey is an international food, and as a result, honey pots a..
Price: £5.40 £2.50
Ex VAT: £2.50
Dr Sara's Honey Potions
Dr Sara Robb UK 122 pages Softback Chapters include: • Making your own toiletries with ho..
Price: £12.00
Ex VAT: £12.00
The Feminine Monarchie or The Historie of Bees
Charles Butler UK approx 200 pages Hardback The Feminine Monarchie is a re-print of a book fi..
Price: £27.50
Ex VAT: £27.50
For the Love of Bees
Lesley Bill UK 111 pages Paperback This is the fascinating biography of the world famous Brot..
Price: £10.95
Ex VAT: £10.95
Frow - Lincolnshire's Greatest Beekeeper
John R. Ketteringham   UK   23 pages  Softback This booklet details ..
Price: £2.00
Ex VAT: £2.00
Fun with Bees -Allan
Matthew Allen UK 9 pages Softback Techniques in beekeeping that are second-nature to an ..
Price: £1.00
Ex VAT: £1.00
Guide to Bees and Honey - Fifth Edition
Ted Hooper    UK    272 pages   Softback It is incred..
Price: £12.99
Ex VAT: £12.99
Handbook of Beekeeping
H.R.C. Riches   UK   166 pages   Softback   This book ..
Price: £12.95
Ex VAT: £12.95
The Healthy Hive Guide
Dan Basterfield, Roger Cullum-Kenyon, Ivor Davis   UK   104 pages   Soft..
Price: £16.95
Ex VAT: £16.95
The Honey Bee, around and about, 3rd Edition
Celia F Davis UK 185 pages Softback, 2nd Edition This book is a companion volume to Celia’s f..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £25.00
The Honey Bee, inside out (Davis), 3rd Edition
Celia Davis    UK   183 pages   Softback, 2nd Edition Beek..
Price: £25.00
Ex VAT: £25.00
Honey Days - A year in the life of a country beekeeper
Oliver Field    UK    87 pages   Hardback A sparkling..
Price: £11.00
Ex VAT: £11.00