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Alphabetical Guide for Beekeepers
Ken Stevens   UK    948 pages   Softback This book is a co..
Price: £30.00
Ex VAT: £30.00
The Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina), threats, Biology & Expansion
Prof Stephen John Martin   UK    106 pages   Softback The ..
Price: £27.50
Ex VAT: £27.50
The Art of Gentle Beekeeping
Michael Duncan  UK    223 pages   Softback This book takes the begin..
Price: £15.00
Ex VAT: £15.00
The Asian Hornet Handbook
Sarah Bunker   UK    157 pages   Softback Around 2004, the..
Price: £16.00
Ex VAT: £16.00
An Introduction to Bee Houses (Bates)
An Introduction to Bee-houses David Bates   UK    40 pages &nbs..
Price: £4.99
Ex VAT: £4.99
Apis through the Looking Glass
Graham Royle UK 44 pages Softback As any beekeeper knows, the world of the honeybee is fascin..
Price: £16.99
Ex VAT: £16.99
Bad Beekeepers Club (Bull Turnbull), Paperback
Bill Turnbull UK 247 pages Softback Bill chronicles his beekeeping mishaps – and brief moment..
Price: £9.99
Ex VAT: £9.99
BBKA Guide to Beekeeping (Dr Ivor Davis and Roger Cullum-Kenyon)
Ivor Davis & Roger Cullum-Kenyon    UK   216 pages   Softb..
Price: £20.00
Ex VAT: £20.00
Beautiful Queens and Honey Too!
Beautiful Queens and Honey Too! Brierley Field’s   UK    26 pages..
Price: £2.00
Ex VAT: £2.00
Beauty and the Bees
Dr Sara Robb              &..
Price: £12.50
Ex VAT: £12.50
The Bee Friendly Beekeeper
David Heaf UK 150 pages Softback In recent years, beekeepers on several continents have been ..
Price: £24.00
Ex VAT: £24.00
The Beehouse Book
Paul Mann UK 52 pages Softback Beekeepers are very anthropomorphic when it comes to bees. The..
Price: £10.95
Ex VAT: £10.95
Bee Hotel - Haynes Manual
Melanie von Orlow UK 96 pages Hardback Solitary bees and other beneficial inse..
Price: £10.99
Ex VAT: £10.99
Bee Garden - Haynes Manual
Elke Schwarzer UK 127 pages Hardback It is becoming more and more important to..
Price: £12.99
Ex VAT: £12.99
Beekeepers Field Guide
David Cramp UK and New Zealand 102 pages Softback The aim of the book is to provide a beekeep..
Price: £18.99
Ex VAT: £18.99