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Rhombus Escape - Plastic

Rhombus Escape - Plastic
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Size (L x W x H): 337.00mm x 8.00mm x 123.00mm
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This rapid escape will clear a super in approx. 2 hours. It should then be removed as soon as possible as the bees will begin to find their way back into the super.
Made in France, the plastic rhombus or lozenge escape is 377mm x 123mm (at the widest point) and 8mm deep. It has two "tunnels" leading to each end and a centre chamber in which the bees gather when initially leaving the super.

How to use.

Adapt an old crownboard or make a new board to suit the escape. Cut a large central hole approximately 115mm in diameter and then build up the sides of the board to provide a 50mm deep rim. This is the chamber into which the bees escape. Fix the escape, tunnels down on the chamber side, over the central hole using drawing pins or small screws. Turn the board over and place beneath the supers to be cleared. The bees pass through the opening in the board and into the escape. The tunnels are soon discovered and the bees quickly stampede into the chamber below created by the deep rim and attracted by the scents of the brood body through the latticed structure of the escape.